Worldstar Machine 640

Model 640-FX CNC Microfinisher

Worldstar 640-FX

At Last - An Affordable Stone or Tape Microfinishing System

The cost effective 640-FX meets low, medium, and high production requirements while providing flexibility to adapt to future parts. Fast changeover and easy programming are a feature of this machine. Machine has a dry floor design and is shown with an optional mist control system.

In the application shown, cam lobes are finished with stones to generate the desired surface finish., each bank of lobes (4-banks for 4 cylinder and 5-banks for 5cylinder) are finished with two level stone microfinishing. Mains are microfinished in a single level operation with coated abrasive film.

Worldstar 640-FX

Bearing journals are microfinished with the IMPCO “GBQ” process. The patented “GBQ” process uses non-resilient formed inserts backing the coated abrasive film. Synchronized with the machine cycle, the film is automatically indexed between each cycle. This process improves circular geometry up to 80% while generating surface finishes to less than .2um.

The Model 640-FX Microfinishing Machine Produces Production Run Precision Finished Parts Such as Camshafts and Other Critical Parts

Worldstar 640-FX
  • Total Automatic Cycle
  • Tape Indexers - Automatic
  • Tape or Stone Cam Lobe Finishing
  • Reversible Part Rotation
  • Variable Oscillation Speed
  • Variable Finishing Pressure
  • Coolant Filtration Optional
  • Fully Programmable Tooling Positioning
  • Adjustable Tape Index
  • Stone Set-up Gage
  • Tape or Stone Journal Finishing
  • Manual Load
  • Variable Spindle Speed
  • Requires Only Air and Electric Hook Ups
  • Easy Tooling Access
  • Models available for Various Lengths

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