Worldstar Machine 1540

Impco Models 1640XT / 1640XE / 1540XT / 1540XE


Operator convenience was a key design criterion for the Worldstar 1540/1640 Series. All system tooling maintenance is accomplished from a single location at the front of the machine. Microfinishing shoes are within easy, safe reach. Tooling is easily observed. Front access for film loading, threading and disposal. Operators save time and work more safely. Overhead part handling in high-volume applications further improves accessibility.


Combining decades of experience in designing machine tools for Microfinishing with years of field reports on machine performance resulted in a new, simplified machine design featuring proven, reliable components. The Worldstar Series represents the best of our experience and the valuable viewpoints of our customers, and is a benchmark for machine tool reliability.

Worldstar 1640-XT / 1640-XE / 1540-XT / 1540-XE Machine


Common components and assemblies among models in the Series, and easy access to all critical service areas of the machines, dramatically reduces the time and effort associated with routine maintenance. Film management capabilities help save time and promote housekeeping, from loading and threading to unloading, automatic cutting and disposal. Optional extended film cutters reduce maintenance frequency and cost.

Life Cycle Cost

A robust yet simple modular machine design, a consistently repeatable process, and highly reliable components and assemblies utilized across the Series keep the life cycle cost of the Worldstar Series competitive. Because the rugged Worldstar Microfinishers are designed for adaptability to changing production requirements, they can remain functional longer - another favorable influence on life cycle cost.

Production Quality

The IMPCO Patented GBQ Microfinishing process has been proven in a wide range of production applications including camshafts, crankshafts and transmission shafts, around the world. The process dramatically, consistently, and statistically optimizes the geometry and surface finish that affects part function. The abrasive film generated consistent bearing surfaces in high-volume production that meet even the most demanding specifications.


Modular design, interchangeable parts between models, independent controls, and quick tooling changeover provide the flexibility needed to keep up with changing part specifications and production volumes.

A Quantum Leap Ahead In Microfinishing

  • Model 1640 utilizes common interchangeable assemblies.
  • Common crankshaft pin and main arm packs.
  • Modular design expandable and ideal for flexible cell operation, accommodates wide range of plant layout and capacity demands.
  • Electrical panel, hydraulics and pneumatics integral to machine.
  • Robust wall/cross-rib base design for rigidity.
  • Easy tooling observation and access permitted by horizontal masterless arm design.
  • Quick-change microfinishing shoes - no tools needed - within easy reach of operator.
  • Convenient front film loading/unloading from floor level.
  • Film disposal drawer inside machine base opens to an external position for used film disposal.
  • Short, simple film path, easy for operator to thread.
  • Integral film sensing (broken/missing).
  • Large film roll capacity (270m/900ft).
  • Positive individual segmented gear-type film indexer. Guarded for safety. Gear release levers enable easy insertion of film.
  • Fixed quill, slide mounted headstock for superior rigidity.
  • Servo-driven workpiece rotation (forward/reverse).
  • Servo-driven, infinitely variable oscillation, independent of part rotation.
  • Pneumatically operated tailstocks - no springs.
  • Dry-floor guarding integral to machine design. Maximum coolant containment, easy accessibility to critical service areas.
  • External coolant return.
  • Centralized auto lube throughout - no gearbox levels to maintain.

Optional Features

  • Film cutter: Space-saving cut film lengths drop into drawer in machine base for disposal. This feature dramatically reduces maintenance frequency.
  • Film low level sensing.
  • GBQ in-process size control.
  • Repair polish capability - individual journals.
  • Centralized headstock oscillation stop.
  • Power door (open/close). (XE Models only).
  • Fume/mist extraction.
  • Positive headstock and tailstock locks for spin-off stations.
  • Overhead machine-mounted or floor-mounted gantry system. Worldstar standard designs easily interface to automation.
  • Part load assist. (XE models only).

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