Worldstar Machine 1440

Model 1440XE / 1440XT Microfinisher

Worldstar 1440-XE / 1440-XT Machine

World-Class Machines To Meet World-Class Demands

  • Model 1440XE (manual load) and Model 1440XT (conveyor load) utilize common interchangeable assemblies.
  • Model 1440XT utilizes a durable flat chain conveyor; adjustable to accommodate a wide range of part configurations, including parts with opposed shafts and bowl-type parts.
  • Model 1440XT features rugged adjustable escapements for positive, reliable part flow.
  • Available single and dual-spindle designs to meet your production requirements. Modular design ideal for flexible cell operation, accommodates wide range of plant layout and capacity demands.
  • Electrical panel, hydraulics, coolant and pneumatics are machine-mounted for convenience and compactness.
  • Independent cell control.
  • Robust wall/cross-rib base design for rigidity.
  • Easy tooling observation and access permitted by horizontal Microfinishing heads.
  • Quick-change Microfinishing shoes - no tools needed -within easy reach of operator.
  • Convenient front film loading/unloading from floor level.
  • Film disposal drawer inside machine base opens to an external position for used film disposal.
  • Short, simple film path, easy for operator to thread.
  • Integral film sensing (broken/missing).
  • Large film roll capacity (270m/900ft).
  • Positive individual segmented gear-type film indexer. Guarded for safety. Gear release levers enable easy insertion of film.
  • Fixed-quill, vertical headstock for superior rigidity, minimizes interferences of coolant, swarf.
  • Servo-driven, infinitely variable oscillation, independent of part rotation.
  • Pneumatically operated tailstocks - no springs - designed to resist effects of coolant and swarf. Generous stroke easily accommodates shaft-type or shaftless parts.
  • Dry-floor guarding integral to machine design. Maximum coolant containment, easy accessibility to critical service areas.
  • Positive headstock/tailstock safety locks for high-speed coolant spin-off.
  • External coolant return.
  • Centralized auto lube.

Optional Features

  • Two-level Microfinishing per spindle.
  • Expandable automation- incoming and outgoing - to match your requirements.
  • Plastic conveyor chain to protect critical part surfaces.
  • Film cutter. Space-saving cut film lengths drop into drawer in machine base for disposal. This feature dramatically reduces maintenance frequency.
  • Film low level sensing.
  • GBQ (Generating Bearing Quality) in-process size control.
  • Repair Microfinishing capability - selective journal finish.
  • Centralized headstock oscillations stop.
  • Power door (open/closes). (XE models only).
  • Fume/mist extraction.
  • Positive headstock and tailstock locks for spin-off stations.
  • Part unload assist.
  • Thrust face microfinishing.

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