Worldstar Machine 1340

Model 1340XT Microfinisher

World-Class Machines To Meet World-Class Demands

The cost effective Worldstar 1340 is a truly metric machine design series to meet world class requirements throughout the industrial world. The new range of IMPCO modular-design Microfinishing systems use proven common components directed at meeting worldwide customer requirements for reliability and maintainability. The approach centers around the use of simpler, more robust designs that utilize common components and assemblies between models. The guarding is designed as an integral part of the machine design and meets safety, dry floor, and easy access maintenance requirements.

Bearing journals are Microfinished with the IMPCO "GBQ" process. The patented "GBQ" process uses non-resilient formed inserts backing the coated abrasive film. Synchronized with the machine cycle, the film is automatically indexed between each cycle. This process improves circular geometry up to 80% while generating surface finishes to meet your requirements.

Worldstar 1340-XT - Two Station Balance Shaft Microfinisher with Size Control, Production 100PPH

The Model 1340 Microfinishing Machine Produces Production Run Precision Finished Parts

  • Easy Tooling Observation and Access
  • External Film Unloading
  • Integral Film Sensing (Broken/Missing) (Optional-Low Level)
  • Dry Floor Guarding
  • Integral Electrical Panels
  • Rigid Base Construction
  • Production Rates - 100 up
  • Option - Power Door
  • Pneumatic Operated Tailstock - No Spring
  • AC Motor Drive Workpiece Rotation (Forward/Reverse)
  • AC Electric Drive Oscillation (Independent of Rotation)
  • Fixed Quill Headstock (Superior Rigidity)
  • In-Process Size Control

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Worldstar 1340-XT - Single Station Balance Shaft Microfinisher with Size Control, Production 100PPH