Worldstar Machine 1140

1140XT / 1140XE Roller Drive Microfinishing Systems

Worldstar 1140-XT / 1140-XE

The IMPCO Model 1140XT Roller Drive Microfinishing machines are compact, economical and easy to use - cost effectively achieving low, medium and high volume Microfinishing for a wide range of cylindrical parts and applications. Diameters from 1/2" (12mm) to 3 1/2" (90mm) and larger, lengths up to 24" (610mm) can be accommodated.

Many types of materials may be processed, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, and ceramics with controllable stock removal rates.

Machine Operation

Machine parameters are fully programmable for optimum finish and productivity. Parameters include shoe pressure and oscillation frequency, drive roller speed, cycle duration and abrasive film index.

Heavy-duty adjustable rollers provide positive part rotation for the Microfinishng process. Oscillation is limited to the finishing shoes, minimizing vibration and machine wear.

Synchronized with each machine cycle, the abrasive film is indexed automatically to provide fresh, aggressive media to each part. In a typical application, an abrasive film roll can permit up to one week of uninterrupted production.

Two-Level Processing

The IMPCO Model 1140XT Roller Drive Microfinishing machines can permit two-level Microfinishing and automatic part loading. Each machine uses the same proven IMPCO GBQ Microfinishing process. Tooling and workpiece handling are created for specific parts and can be easily changed to accommodate a different part. Process parameters are programmable through the tough screen control.

Easy Changeover

Changeover for different part diameters and thrustwall widths takes only minutes, requiring a simple adjustment of the drive roll settings and the replacement of quick-change tooling.

The machines are easily adapted to automation and parts conveyors for loading and unloading. Multiple machines can also be linked to create a flexible Microfinishing transfer line.

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