What is GBQ

What is GBQ?

Results of IMPCO's GBQ Process

"Polishers" impart a smooth surface finish. That's what they do best. But that's where the similarity to IMPCO's Process ends...

IMPCO's "GBQ" (Generating Bearing Quality) Microfinishing does a lot more than make round parts smooth and shiny.

Our Process is Patented

It's effectiveness has been proven in millions of cycles at major manufacturers in North America, South America, Europe, Japan, and many other locations all over the world.

Breakdown of GBQ Process

These companies have found that "GBQ" Microfinishing is the only process that can dramatically, consistently, and statistically optimize each of the characteristics that affect part function:

  • Surface Finish
  • Geometry
  • Size Tolerance

The result is superior part functioning characteristics that can reduce part processing costs, improve efficiency, boost performance, and reduce warranty costs.

The Patented Tooling

Hard, non-resilient material precisely machined to conform to the diameter to be generated presses the abrasive film against the workpiece at a specific point and pressure.

The Benefits of GBQ include:

GBQ tooling information
  • Lower warranty costs
  • Lower friction, allowing high performance
  • No component break-in required
  • Optional: generate oil hole radius
  • Higher component efficiencies
  • Removal of ferrite caps in nodular iron parts
  • More uniform oil clearances