IMPCO Quick-Cut System

Automated Abrasive Tape Cutoff System - Cuts Disposal Problems

Designed for use with any microfinishing (superfinishing) machine that employs abrasive film to finish the journals of precision rotating parts, the IMPCO Quick-Cut System includes a cutter that automatically travels across the ends of the film that have been indexed out of the microfinishing (superfinishing) machine. The cutter can be programmed to travel at various intervals. Cut tape ends drop into a convenient drawer mounted plastic disposal bag for easy removal.

Because the system cuts the used tape into short strips, it reduces disposed tape volume and collection time, freeing operators for more productive activity. previously, abrasive film, which is supplied to manufacturers in rolls of 450 ft. and longer in length, was simply indexed out of the machine area into bulky mounds of continuous loops, requiring frequent operator attention.

IMPCO Quick-Cut System

Generally, multi-arm machines, such as those processing crank and camshafts, will dispose of enough tape to fill a standard waste container in an hour. The IMPCO Quick-Cut System will extend the removal time to the end of an eight-hour shift or longer.

Machines that use fewer tapes, such as those processing transmission or compressor parts, would extend used tape removal time from days to weeks.

Tape maintenance and housekeeping costs are thus greatly reduced using the IMPCO Quick-Cut System

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