Microstar Attachments

Microstar Attachments

Guaranteed Repeatable Results

Microstar Attachments

Let IMPCO's 70 years of experience as the world leader in microfinishing technology provide an economical solution to your microfinishing requirements.

A variety of quick-change platens permit flexible processing with a single microfinisher (superfinisher):

Microstar Attachments - GBQ shoe platens

IMPCO GBQ shoe platens can be used to simultaneously improve surface finish and geometry on smaller parts.

Microstar Attachments - Single roller platens

Single roller platens for general finishing of diameters.

Microstar Attachments - Flat platens

Flat platens remove chatter and traverse surface defects typical of grinding on larger rolls.

Microstar Attachments - Slack platens

Slack platens are used for soft materials.

  • More consistent than any other finishing process
  • Achieve any finish requirements - Ra, Rz, Rp bearing area
  • Remove grinding defects, including chatter and traverse lines
  • Capable of producing optical "mirror finishes: (<1 Ra micro-inch)
  • Remove thermal damage from the grinding operation
  • Fresh abrasive media is always in contact with the part being microfinished.


  • Mounts on existing lathe or grinder
  • Fast abrasive tape change with reversible direction of index flow
  • Fully adjustable processing parameters including:
    • Microfinishing platen contact pressure
    • Oscillation amplitude (stroke)
    • Oscillation frequency (oscillations per minute)
    • Perpetual or incremental film index
    • Abrasive film index rate
    • Constant film index speed monitoring

  • 115 or 230 VAC/CE and CSA approved
  • Easy to Follow Installation and Start Up Instructions Provided
  • 24 / 7 Technical Support