What is Microfinishing?

Microfinishing comparison between convential and IMPCO results

Microfinishing (superfinish) is an abrasive process that allows our customers to:

  • Obtain very consistent surface finishes predictably and repeatably.
  • Achieve virtually any surface finish - Ra, Rz, Tr, Rp, RPK bearing.
  • Remove amorphous layer (thermally damaged surface layer caused by grinding).
  • Eliminate microscopic burrs left by the grinding operation.
  • Remove defects from the grinding operation - traverse, chatter, fishtails.
  • Improve geometry - roundness, flatness, etc.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce friction.
  • Reduce noise.

Microfinishing (superfinish) can be used on virtually any material. In fact, the more difficult a material is to finish with other processes, the easier it is for our process.

Microfinishing (superfinish) is used on Tungsten Carbide, Ceramics, Hard Coating, Chrome Plating, Bearing Steel, Forged Steel, Chilled Iron, Cast Iron, Soft and Hard Rubber, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and many other materials.