Cimtec Centerless

Centerless Microfinishers

Cimtec Centerless Microfinishers

The Centerless Microfinisher, IMPCO Model 1140XT Roller Drive Microfinishing (superfinishing) machines are compact, economical, and simple to use - cost effectively achieving low, medium, and high volume Microfinishing (superfinishing) for a wide range of cylindrical parts and applications. Diameters from 1/2" (12 mm) to 3 1/2" (90 mm) and larger, lengths up to 24" (610 mm) can be accommodated. Many types of materials may be processed, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, and ceramics with controllable stock removal rates.

Machine Operation

Machine parameters are fully programmable for optimum finish and productivity. Parameters include shoe pressure and oscillation frequency, drive roller speed, cycle duration and abrasive film index.

Part Quality

  • Generate optimum surface finish at rates as high as 2000 parts an hour.
  • Remove effects of grinder chatter.
  • Dramatically improve circular geometry.
  • Create a no-lead Micro-scratch finish on pins and shafts, permitting perfect seals
    between rotating components
Cimtec Centerless Microfinishers Close Up

Production Control

  • Process a variety of part diameters, and multiple diameters within the same part.
  • Process multiple parts of same of different designs simultaneously.
  • User-friendly programmability.
  • Automation adaptable thanks to patented over-the-roller part transfer system.


  • Automatic conveyor-type part load, transfer, unload, and storage system.
  • Special drive rolls that accommodate specific part shapes such as flanges, multi-diameters, and tapers.
  • Up to 5 individual Microfinishing (superfinishing) heads per station for processing multiple diameters on one part or multiple parts.
  • Thrust wall unit for processing faces.
  • Automatic broken tape detection.
  • IMPCO Micro-Cut used tape cutter and storage system dramatically reduces tape disposal frequency.