At IMPCO we believe in the application of technology and know-how to offer our customers world leading solutions in:

  • Microfinishing Systems
  • Microfinishing Process Optimisation
  • Research and Development

We manufacture a full range of Microfinishing solutions from flexible machines designed for low volume, high accuracy components through to dedicated OEM solutions and production rates.

Established over 78 years ago in Lansing, Michigan we have developed the GBQ Microfinishing process in response to our customer demands. Through our continual Research & Development activity we support the following industries automotive OEM's, Performance Engine Manufacturers and Aerospace.

Worldstar Machines

Worldstar Machines

The Worldstar series represents the best of our customer's viewpoints and 70 years of IMPCO's experiences in designing and manufacturing Microfinishing machine tools.

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Worldflex Machines

Worldflex Machines

At last, a Microfinishing system that is flexible to accommodate the unpredictable demand of the engine manufacturing market.

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Microstar Attachments

Microstar Attachments

Let IMPCO's 70 years of experience as the world leader in Microfinishing technology provide an economical solution to your Microfinishing requirements.

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Cimtec Centerless

Centerless Microfinishers

The Centerless Microfinisher, IMPCO Model 1140XT Roller Drive Microfinishing (superfinishing) machines are compact, economical, and simple to use.

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Microfinishing (superfinish) can be used on virtually any material. In fact, the more difficult a material is to finish with other processes, the easier it is for our process.

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What is GBQ

What is GBQ?

Companies have found that "GBQ" Microfinishing is the only process that can dramatically, consistently, and statistically optimize each of the characteristics that affect part function.

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